Monday, October 17, 2005

Moutaineer Magic

This is one man reinactment of the events on October 15 2005
during the Louisville @ WVU game

It was going into the fourth quarter, and there I was hoping for a couple of scores to make it look respectble. I watched as the eers made a play or two and my blood began pumping, another play the crowd is getting into it "TOUCHDOWN" here we go we can make it look good. (flipped other to USC @ Noter Dame and Flordia @ LSU) back to the mountaineers. WVU lines up for the kickoff he puched it, WVU recovers!!, we have a chance are you kidding me. 4th and two please just kick the field goal and please Mclee, make this one. He snaps, good hold, kick is up and it's good!! WVU down 24-17. (flip to the other games to check, man these games are great too) WVU kicks the ball out of the end zone.(time for a snack go to the kitchen grab a bag of Tostitos and some salsa along with a Bud Light) games on 3rd and 9 WVU gets the stop. (heart is now punding we have a chance, could this really be, do we go for two, stop! We have to make the six first. Pat White goes for the option fake pitch he fell for it White crosses the feild he has the corner TOUCHDOWN!!! (flag on the play) "Holding number 7 offense 10 yards spot of the foul remains first down.I wait for the replay and see a horrble play by Brandon Myles, just let go. WVU is backed up, here we go run by Slaton he slashes the ball down the field, we are getting close I can feel it. Here we go Touchdown Slaton we have tied it up Oh My God. But wait we left a minute on the clock, they are potent could this be another Miami game. Louisville runs the time off. Check on the other games Notre Dame has a chance they should win it. To overtime exchange TD's first and second overtimes. (Got Flordia +6 looks like a great bet and Notre Dame +12 easy money on that one) Now we have to get a 2 point play ready, not our style, oh no don't know what to think now. third and 9 for the EERS we really need this, but can we possibly Holy Schmitt!! Owen has it down to about the five on a swing pass. At this point I start jumping up and down I can not believe what i am seeing Slaton scores. Now time for the 2 point conversion White rolls out finds Jalloh open it's good we at least have another overtime. Louisville marches down the field with ease. Touchdown Bush, he is a great running back. 5 wide, defense has to make a play, Brohm drops back, nobody open Brohm takes off Wicks get the tackle at the 2 it's over the Mountaneers have done it. WVU wins 46-44 in the Big East game of the century.

written by Jeremy Collins


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