Friday, July 21, 2006

Preview Of Big East

For the next week I will be giving a preview of the Big East. My previews will go in order of the media confernce picks.

1. West Virginia Moutaineers
This team has speed, at every position this team can fly and speed kills. The eers' will take the feild on Sept.2 against Marshall, to start a national championship run.

QB.Pat White decision making came in even better during the spring. The passing game made strides, expect White to throw more than just 8 times a game this year. He might not throw for 300 but if he gets a 150 yards a game, West Virginia could be dancing in Arizona.

RB.Steve Slaton, speed, vision and quickness. This guy is the whole package if he stays healthy, lets face it he is 5'10" 185. We do not know if he can get through a whole seaon. If he can, it should be something to watch.

WR. Have not seen this group do really anything but that goes to the running game of the eers'. Miles, Jalloh, and Reynaud should run the group but look for jr. Brandon Barrett to break into the rotation and make an impact.

OL.All-American canidate center Dan Mozes is back to anchor what has been one of the best lines for the past five years. Rodriguez has shown he knows how to put a line together and this year should be no different.

DL.Three jr.s line up in the 3-3-5 font line this year Dykes,Dingle,and Liebig will just get in the way and cause confussion. The is the part of the team that must play well in the Lousville game if the Championship game is in sight.

LB. The linbackers are intact and ready to play. Jay Henry is smart play every down the same, Boo McLee hard hitter big play man, knows how to strip the ball, and how to recover it, any of the other choices will be fine for the strong side, Barry White or Reed Williams.

DB. This is the Big ?. Wicks is a player that got even more athletic in the spring.
Corner back Antonio Lewis and Larry Williams will be in the spotlight in a lot of games. Let the praise begin now because freshman Quinton Andrews is amazing. The 5'11" 205 pounder is a hard hitting, fast as a cat, and freakish instincts. Look for him to make an impact this year like Slaton did last year.

Kicking. McAfee should get better he was to kicker in the country when recruited, Kozlowski is going to take over the punting jobs.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Moutaineer Magic

This is one man reinactment of the events on October 15 2005
during the Louisville @ WVU game

It was going into the fourth quarter, and there I was hoping for a couple of scores to make it look respectble. I watched as the eers made a play or two and my blood began pumping, another play the crowd is getting into it "TOUCHDOWN" here we go we can make it look good. (flipped other to USC @ Noter Dame and Flordia @ LSU) back to the mountaineers. WVU lines up for the kickoff he puched it, WVU recovers!!, we have a chance are you kidding me. 4th and two please just kick the field goal and please Mclee, make this one. He snaps, good hold, kick is up and it's good!! WVU down 24-17. (flip to the other games to check, man these games are great too) WVU kicks the ball out of the end zone.(time for a snack go to the kitchen grab a bag of Tostitos and some salsa along with a Bud Light) games on 3rd and 9 WVU gets the stop. (heart is now punding we have a chance, could this really be, do we go for two, stop! We have to make the six first. Pat White goes for the option fake pitch he fell for it White crosses the feild he has the corner TOUCHDOWN!!! (flag on the play) "Holding number 7 offense 10 yards spot of the foul remains first down.I wait for the replay and see a horrble play by Brandon Myles, just let go. WVU is backed up, here we go run by Slaton he slashes the ball down the field, we are getting close I can feel it. Here we go Touchdown Slaton we have tied it up Oh My God. But wait we left a minute on the clock, they are potent could this be another Miami game. Louisville runs the time off. Check on the other games Notre Dame has a chance they should win it. To overtime exchange TD's first and second overtimes. (Got Flordia +6 looks like a great bet and Notre Dame +12 easy money on that one) Now we have to get a 2 point play ready, not our style, oh no don't know what to think now. third and 9 for the EERS we really need this, but can we possibly Holy Schmitt!! Owen has it down to about the five on a swing pass. At this point I start jumping up and down I can not believe what i am seeing Slaton scores. Now time for the 2 point conversion White rolls out finds Jalloh open it's good we at least have another overtime. Louisville marches down the field with ease. Touchdown Bush, he is a great running back. 5 wide, defense has to make a play, Brohm drops back, nobody open Brohm takes off Wicks get the tackle at the 2 it's over the Mountaneers have done it. WVU wins 46-44 in the Big East game of the century.

written by Jeremy Collins

Week 8 Rankings

1.USC- never say die but have some chinks in the armor
2.Texas- Colorado was never close
3.Virginia Tech-Big game at Maryland this week
4.Georgia- Can't wait for a Georgia/Alabama SEC title game
5.Alabama- that was close(Ole Miss)
6.UCLA- get in line for USC
7.Texas Tech - High flying Raiders get the Longhorns this week
8.LSU- Big win for the tigers
9.Miami- want to talk about easy schedules TEMPLE no love from me
10.Florida State- has a way to go with their QB's
11.Penn State such a tough loss at Michigan still best in the Big Ten
12.Notre Dame- so close but a loss is a loss and you have 2 of them
13.Oregon- no respect from anyone but could run the table the rest of the year
14.Auburn- see what their made of this week @LSU
15.Wisconsin- showed the guts to get it done at the end great job
16.Ohio State- still needs to impress me with good play not other teams stupid calls
17.WVU- with a strength of schedule of 16 and 6-1 should run Big East table for BCS berth
18.Tennessee- Gets BAMA this week
19.Boston College- not settled on QB not settled on them
20.Nebraska- remember when a 5-1 huskers team would be talked for national title shot
21.Florida- about to drop out
22.Fresno State- not playing anyone right now
23.TCU - What happened at SMU
24.Michigan State- John L. Smith will rebound this team
25.UTEP- love to watch this team play

Dropped Out. 18 Minn needed to beat Wisconsin they will be back/ 19 CAL what has happened to this team/20 Louisville If they could kept their heads on for 10 more min./ 23 Colorado showed the north can't play with the south

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Week 7 Rankings

1. USC - still have not been beaten
2. Texas - weak big 12 could hurt the horns
3. Virginia Tech - could leapfrog Texas with big wins over Miami and FSU
4. Georgia - Shockley looking impressive
5.Alabama - I feel will stumble bad at the end of the season
6.Flordia State - I like how this team wins
7.Penn State - think they will fall this week
8.Notre Dame - Big game this week
9.UCLA - Looking good waitnig on USC
10. Miami FL- still not totally sold on this team
11. Texas Tech- High octane offense needs to get flying for Texas
12.Flordia - Going into Death Valley and getting a win will help Meyer get some respect
13.LSU - Needs to win next two weeks to stay in the hunt
14.Michigan State - win this week and they could possibly win the BIG TEN
15.Boston College - should win easily against Wake
16.Wisconsin- I really like the game against the gophers this week
17.Oregon - see no problem with this team right now
18.Minnesota- Big win at michigan is just what this team needed to get back on track
19.CAL - not a good performance last week needs to bounce back
20.Louisville- playing for Big East championship this week in Morgantown
21.Auburn- this is the team we got used to watching
22.Ohio State- I hate to put a 2 loss team in, Lost to Texas and Penn State, they get a break
23.Colorado- New fav in the north
24.WVU- needs to beat the Cards in Morgantown for some respect
25.TCU- Could run the table from here on out

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We have yet to have an upset saturday this season and I for one think this could be it. Look at the schedule no really big games other than USC - Notre Dame it is a perfect time and weather as it startes getting colder and harder to breath so lets get to my picks for this week. See if you can get a better percentage against me (picks are against the spread.)

(my picks in CAPS)

clemson @ NC. STATE -5 1/2.
UTEP -7@ tulane
alabama @ OLE MISS +13
GEORGIA TECH -20 1/2 @ duke
wake forest @ BOSTON COLLEGE -14
COLORADO + 17 @ texas
louisville @ WEST VIRGINIA +7
RUTGERS +2 @ syracuse
indiana @ IOWA -14 1/2
michigan state @ OHIO STATE -6 1/2
GEORGIA -15 1/2 @ vandy
OHIO +6 1/2 @ central michigan
northwestern @ PURDUE -7 1/2
MIAMI FL -41 @ temple
kent @ NAVY -13
BOWLING GREEN -24 @ buffalo
akron @ MIAMI OH -13
TOLEDO -19 1/2 @ ballstate
colorado state @ BYU +2
unlv @ AIR FORCE -13 1/2
east carolina @ SMU - 1/2
NEW MEXICO +6 1/2 @ wyoming
penn state @ MICHIGAN -3
OKLAHOMA -6 @ kansas
kansas state @ TEXAS TECH -14
washington @ OREGON -15
FLORDIA +6 @ lsu
usc @ NOTRE DAME +12
eastern michigan @ NORTHERN ILLINOIS -19 1/2
UCONN -8 @ cinn.
NEBRASKA -2 1/2 @ baylor
UAB -3 @ marshall
UCLA -5 1/2 @ washington state
oregon state @ CAL -16
central flordia @ SOUTHERN MISS - 8 1/2
army @ TCU -23
stanford @ ARIZONA -4 1/2
auburn @ ARKANSAS + 7 1/2
SANDIEGO STATE +9 1/2 @ utah
memphis @ HOUSTON -10
flordia state @ VIRGINIA +7
SAN JOSE STATE + 30 1/2 @ boise state
TULSA -7 1/2 @ rice
utah state @ FRESNO STATE - 33
louisiana tech @ NEVADA -1 1/2
NEW MEXICO STATE +20 @ hawaii

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Big East Game of the Week

WVU will take on the Pirates of East Carolina in the Big East Game of the Week. This is just a appetizer for Virginia Tech. The Moutaineers can not look past Skip Holtzs team. The Problem for the Pirates is their rush defense and could spell a lot of trouble in Morgantown against one of the best rushing offenses in the nation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


With all the talk about how the Big East schedules easy games WVU decided to do something about it. The Moutaineers make deals to play 3 national championship contenders.

WVU has added Auburn, Florida State and Michigan State to its future football schedules.
West Virginia will travel to Auburn for a game at the SEC school on September 6, 2008. The Tigers will visit Morgantown on September 5, 2009.

In 2012-13, the Mountaineers will play home-and-home with Florida State of the ACC. The first game is scheduled for September 8, 2012, in Morgantown, with a return game on September 14, 2013, in Tallahassee.

West Virginia also has a letter of intent to play Michigan State out of the Big Ten, with a game in Morgantown in 2010 and a game in East Lansing for 2011.
"I think our fans will enjoy these three major college football programs from BCS conferences on our future schedules," says Pastilong. "We look forward to hosting them in Morgantown."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WVU, Louisville Shine

The Big East pulled off two big wins on Saturday. WVU went into Byrd stadium and proclaimed to Maryland we are better than last year. That is a possibility, due to the emergence of new stars in, Eric Wicks, Jason Gwaltney, Owen Schmitt, and Pat White. This is just to name a few. This team is rolling right now at 3-0 soon to be four as they got East Carolina next. As WVU fans know this could not set up any better for the last game between the Mountaineers and the Hokies. In two weeks Oct 1. the couches will be left out and ready to be set ablaze. BUT. The Hokies will be ready. Virginia Tech has not had this good of a team since the Michael Vick era. WVU needs to get more out of it's passing game to beat the Hokies and I think Pat White is just the QB to do that. Get ready folks this one is going to intense and and the hatred will flow out for the last time.

Louisville showed the PAC 10 that the Big East knows how to play football. In a romp the Cardinals beat the Oregon State Beavers 63 to 27. Louisville spotted the Beavers a 10 nothing lead and then exploded for 35 in the next 15 minutes. Brohm had a great day going 18-22 for 366 yards and five touchdowns. This is a team that should scare a lot of opponents their quick, fast and disciplined. Petrino has this team playing with fire and could very well go undefeated and play in the BCS game.

note. Syracuse finally got their offense clicking and came close to beating Virginia in a 27 to 24 game. Virginias Conner Hughes knock through a 26 yard field goal as time expired